At times calls are made to check on current availability for materials. Availability of materials changes periodically due to supply and demand variations. This back and forth process can sometimes take a week or more between suppliers, designers and homeowners to be sure what is selected is still available. Even if it is in the sample book or on our website or another website, manufacturers discontinue products without notice. You will be asked to make another selection if this takes place.

Once Finalized the plans are examined and signed off by homeowner and designer to be sure all items are correct, or final construction plan can be confirmed to be correct via email (email is best). Items must be written on original proposal and a fair price agreed to be included on final construction plan.

Once final construction plan is verified job scheduling is sent over and reviewed with the construction department and crew. A Outlet Exterios team member from this department or the accounting email serves as a notice materials will be arriving soon and your project is about to start.

Materials are ordered and job will begin. We can only verify delivery times of materials but suppliers run into unforeseen delays which although we strive to avoid do still occur. Please understand it is possible there will be a few unforeseen delays on your project.

Please note: On grading and slopes of decking as well as grade/slopes in yard with just deco rock there is a needed slope for water to run off correctly during flash flooding. A deck sometimes will have an aggressive slope THAT WE MUST MAINTAIN. If a homeowner is requesting a reduced grade than left by builder, added material and labor is needed and a drainage system must be installed which will be added cost. If an existing deck installed by builder is not being removed, we must stay with there grade and pitch. A step down is at times needed. If no step is desired this may add cost.

The worksite is dangerous until complete. Open trenches, tools lying around, unmarked holes etc… are all part of the jobsite. To the untrained eye it will look like a complete mess at times. While work is underway our insurance does not allow homeowners in the work area. Please avoid entering your yard while under construction. If you choose to enter your construction site it is at your own risk.

We put this letter together to notify you in advance that we are working diligently to get your project complete. We ask that you please be patient throughout this process and know that we are striving to get the job done right. We have spent over a decade putting the right team of installers together to insure the highest quality installation process possible so you can enjoy problem free fun in the sun for many years to come.

For proper watering schedule please click the link below. For the first 30 days we set your timer to water everyday. This is needed for the plants to get acclimated. After 30 days you will need to change your timer to your area watering schedule.

Also click link below for printable PDF instructions on how to set your timer. You are responsible for setting and changing your own timer. It needs to be adjusted Sept. 1, March 1 and May 1 Here’s how: (CLICK BELOW)