Landscape Construction Las Vegas Can Trust

Professional Grade Synthetic Turf Installation Procedure

First, ground is cleared of all medium to large rock then it is lightly graded for decomposed granite to be laid down. The granite is smoothed out and the proper level is determined as Well as the proper pitch for drainage, A large machine is brought in to compact and harden the ground. This procedure is to prevent any future risk of turf sinking. The Turf is then rolled out over the area and shape and size are created by cutting the edges, razor sharp cutting tools are needed to cut through the extremely thick turf products. At this point the edging and finish of the area is carefully created. We then hammer large stakes into the turf area to secure it to the ground permanently. A large gas powered turbo brush is run over the grass area so it stands up and has a beautiful finished look. Final sweeping, clean up and turf installation is complete.

Professional Grade Plant & Tree Installation Procedure

First and foremost all plants and trees are hand selected to ensure only the nicest available material is used. Plants are at times the 1st step of the job depending on the project. They are carefully placed in the yard to create the proper look, feel, and balance. Holes are dug by pick axe and shovel, jackhammer or heavy equipment depending on soil. At this time plant material is removed from bucket or box and placed in the hole. The dirt dug up from ground is mixed half and half with premium mulch and fertilizer is added. The mix is back-filled into the hole and a catch basin is formed. Stakes are added when needed on certain trees. Water is then back-filled and your landscaping installation is complete.Please see gallery for more pool and spa photos.